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New gremlin started this weekend.
I have a hdc inactive error on my 05 L322.
I have no errors when starting the car and driving, but as soon as I a bump in the road the dash lights up with the hdc, abs and brake lights.
Then after that air suspension inactive error ad well.
Stop, switch off and start, 8 out of 10 times the error is gone, and sometimes the inactive air suspension error stays and sometimes not.
It's very random at the moment.

Oh no buttons on the steering wheel works, but the moving forward and backwards of the steering wheel still works.

And suggestions on where to start?

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If no switches on the steering wheel work, are you getting an accurate reading on the SAS?
The steering wheel is throwing everything off kilter I'd say. You need to hook it up and see if it is reading the SAS, which I doubt it is.
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