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hazard warning lights, now always on

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Not having a good week. Have finally rebuilt the top end of my 4.2, new camshaft, timing gear and skimmed and rebuilt heads.

Tried starting it last week and found I hadn't pushed the distributor down far enough so chewed up the socket that locks into the oil pump.

So, have sorted out a new end, fitted the distributor and fired it up today. Have a problem with it hunting between 1000 and 2000 RPM on tickover so am spending this afternoon sorting timing out, chasing down worn vacuum hoses etc.

But a few minutes ago I was just about to sort out the timing, the engine was running and the hazard lights started flashing. Turning the switch on and off makes no difference, they still flash with the keys out.

Any ideas on this one? Can't see how it's linked to the rebuild, but I know there's more experience on the forum than I have, so all suggestions welcome!
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Perhaps the switch for the hazards is faulty. Only other thing I can think of is the alarm is somewhat faulty. Start with checking the switch first.
Finally tracked it down - the coil was shorting out, cunningly given away by the spark arcing to the air filter housing. Pushed the cable into the coil and it all works fine
How would that make the hazards flash? I'm curious and would like to know :)
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