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Hard starts...fuel, spark, air?

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Hey guys,

A month ago during a service I had the battery checked (and replaced after it was found bad) because my RR seemed to be cranking slow during starts. Now a few times a week, there are times when it cranks fine but once I let off of the ignition, it takes a couple of seconds before it picks up and idles. Seems to "blubber" a second or two and then picks up and idles and runs fine after that. I can't tell if it is loading up, not getting enough gas/air or what? With this and other vehicles, I always wait a second or two for the fuel pump to "prime" once I first turn the key before I hit the "start" phase of the ignition but this doesn't seem to have an effect on this. However, if I ride the starter for an extra second or two, it seems to help prevent the "blubber" a little but tough to tell since it doesn't do it each time. Doesn't do it on each start, just a few times a week and lately I am thinking it does it more often when I am at a 1/4 tank or less though this could be coincidence. Have also made sure to fill up at different locations to prevent the chance of any water in the system but that should be ruled out as it runs fine after starting. Also, no fault codes. Not sure if it fuel, mass air sensor or what?

Any ideas or help would are always greatly appreciated. Looks like I am headed to the dealer next week.. :think:
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There was a TSB for 06's only a while back for hard starting that related to update the Engine Control Module software. Not sure if its any correlation. It stated:

Situation: A customer may report a concern that the vehicle is difficult to start if it has been left
standing for between 2-5 hours, or that the idle quality is poor for a short period after starting.
A calibration sensitivity issue in the Engine Control Module (ECM) software may be the cause.
Action: Should a customer express concern regarding the above, refer to the Repair Procedure
detailed in this bulletin to update the Engine Control Module software.
Oh this is a hard one to diagnose on line. The first thing I would do is take it somewhere they can download any engine error codes this might generate.

Since you say the starter is turning over properly and there is plenty of juice in the battery, then I would look at the following if the car is stumbling (these are all things you can check at home):

1. Air leak on the intake side--make sure all connections fitting properly, also check/replace the air filter
2. Clean the MAF with electronic cleaner
3. Pull a plug or two and check for fouling. You don't state mileage but even w todays supposed 100K mi plugs I notice a drivability difference when I change them @75K
4. Then there are probably 10 other things after this it could be...oxygen sensor, a leaky injector, etc. etc

Good luck!
Thanks guys, I will keep and eye on it and wait until I get this full tank of gas down to a 1/4 and below. Of course, since I first posted it hasn't done it and I haven't had a chance to swing through the dealer to check for any stored fault codes. Thanks again, always appreciate the help on this forum. I will let everyone know if I find anything out to help anyone else with the same symptoms.
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