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Hard Start

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Hi there,

Recently I have been getting a hard start problem (I did a post sometime back saying it takes two or three starts before the engine kicks to life, but it does turn) in the morning, ie. a good 10 ignitions before the engine kicks into life. I hold suspicions that its due to the fuel we use here, something call "Gasohol 95" which is petrol with 10% ethanol and retains the octane of 95. We ve been filling the RR with this stuff for many years but recently its been giving away. The mechanics suggested mixing some "none" ethanol petrol could do the job and I suppose it did. But the "pure" petrol is a good 15% more expensive here.

Any thing you guys can think of that may help this problem. Don't want to burn the alternator to shreds and also the battery. Yesterday it wouldn't start at all until I mixed in some real petrol.

Its just a pain. Grr. Cheers for reading the complaint.
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When is the last time you replaced your sparkplugs? you said it started right away when you put some pure petrol in, I'm just wondering if your plugs may be fouled from the mixed fuel. :think:
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