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Hard reset of navigation / music touchscreen

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My 2018 Range Rover Sport developed a problem wherein the navigation/music/climate touchscreen became unresponsive. The music volume knob also stopped working. Turning the car on and off did not fix the problem.

I looked all over the place online for a combination of button presses that would restart the screen but found nothing (e.g. on the Tesla, you press and hold the two steering wheel scroll wheels for 8 seconds, and the nav reboots).

I decided the pull fuses and the guide describing the fuses was a little ambiguous. I was successful with my second attempt: fuse 51 access via the right side of the rear storage compartment (the trunk). I popped open the side wall of the trunk area, used finger strength to remove fuse 51, saw the screen go dead, and then reinserted the fuse. The system rebooted and worked flawlessly.

I hope this helps others with this issue!
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Thanks for that tip! I hope we never have to use it (so far turning the car off has fixed the occurrences where the camera or nav screens won't come on).

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Thanks for the tip, have gone through this twice and this is the first bit of helpful info I’ve found.
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