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Hey Paul , im hoping that your expertise may help with a solution for my hard riding 2000 range rover p38, the eas had been giving me no end of grief and i have rebuilt the compressor and i purchased one of your eas valve block kits, after a methodical rebuild of the valve block it behaves basically as new :)
i was so happy that a month ago, i purchased 2 more kits, 1 for a spare valve block i had and 1 for a mate.
but the p38 still rides unpleasantly hard , very small - small pot holes even send nasty shocks through the vehicle.
i have done some searching and threads on here and elsewhere all give verrrrrrrry mixed opinions as to likely cause , eg shocks, air bags, ride heights , bushes etc.
do you have some wisdom to share ? could it be as simple as shocks ? or ?
would appreciate your help if you can.
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