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Ok can’t see we have a general chat section.... battery went flat last week and needed her for my son and his best mate to replace 2 8ft x 4ft 22mm thick plywood sheets to daughters horse stable.. no joy keycode lockout, the works eka no use.. so they manhandled the sheets across the fields to the stable plus tools ladders etc bless their cotton socks, and then we replaced the upper tailgate which I’ve been meaning to do since February it was either going to go very simply or very hard. for once it was easy plugged back in the rear wash/wipe motors lights number plate lamps etc and I now have a corrosion free upper tailgate happy days. So then to get her started. Something at the back of my mind made me review an email from Martin (Marty nz) who’d unlocked my becm some time ago and OH WOW WHAT A COMPLETE NUMPTY I’D BEEN THE eka a po had written in the owners manual was nothing like what Marty had advised me in that fateful email. Armed with confidence I entered that and she fired straight up oh joy oh bliss. So now I can replace the rear/middle silencers with the plain pipes I’ve had for only 2 weeks so getting quite up to date with tasks. Then roof lining, Rewire the later style cruise ecu repair both heated seats align the headlamp beams fit replacement rear step onto the tow bar now I have correct length high tensile steel bolts and mot due 5/11 just before I go to the nec car show the weekend after. So I’m a happy bunny for a change, at the moment, fewer victor meldrew comments from swmbo, a consequence of semi retirement which really I must make full retirement v.soon
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