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GTS tail light cover vs. Smoked tail lights

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I am looking to black out my tail lights on my black 2006 RRS. I was wondering what the best route to take would be. I have two options it seems like, I can either buy the GTS tail light covers or send my tail lights out to someone to get smoked. Both seem to be about the same price but I would rather not ship out my tail lights and not be able to use my car for a week or two. How is the fitment on the GTS covers? Does anyone have close up pictures? Also, is there someone who can do a tail light exchange where they can smoke a pair that they have and I can ship mine to them after I get the new ones?

Thanks everybody I appreciate it. I did try searching but not too much info on the GTS covers came up.
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GTS was so 90's wasn't it? :naughty: I think a member here may actually send out a core for you to use when they are smoking them; don't quote me on that though. jbrac25 or jazejeff ?
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