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2006-2009 Range Rover MkIII / L322
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2006 Range Rover HSE with stock Harman Kardon system with touch screen, nav and backup camera.

Recurring problem that seems to be getting worse. When on the radio screen or satellite radio screen, it's like some invisible finger is touching the preset buttons and making them change from one to the next. Some stations will play for 2-3 seconds, others for longer. Problem seems to be worse the colder it gets; on those days it just jumps from one to the next without end. Also does it on the CD changer screen and, to a lesser extent, the DVD selection screen.

Driving me a little nuts. Can't even type in complete sentences anymore.

Have even tried going into the settings and turning the touch screen off completely, but the invisible finger somehow makes it come back on to the preset selection screen.

Anyone else experienced anything like this? Any fix other than just replacing the whole thing (which would be a real bummer because somehow I've been receiving free satellite radio for a year and a half, inherited from the previous owner).
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