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I’m wondering if anybody has any idea what the cause of this symptom is.

If I’m idling in neutral/stationary, sat in the RR, I hear a noise coming from the gearbox/radio/dash area that sounds a little like lots of little pebbles hitting or bouncing off. It sounds similar to the sounds you get when tiny stones hit the wheel arch when on a gravel road, only it’s coming from the center of the RR. It seems louder if I put my ear close to the dashboard air vents.

If I rev the engine a little, the noise seems to go, but returns as the revs are returning to idle. At idle I generally don’t hear the noise. I had a listen from the front of the RR with the bonnet up, and when revving, I could not hear the sound. I also tried listening under the RR, but also could not hear the sound.

I sometimes hear the noise when driving, but it seems to be more prevalent when slowing down. I’m planning on draining the transfer case this weekend, and see if there is anything of concern in the old fluid.

Any other ideas what this sound might be? Any pointers would be appreciated.
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