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Greetings from the English Midlands

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Hello one and all on the Range Rover forums and thank you everyone for such a brilliant resource: In only a fortnight I have purchased my first P38 and found out how to get to the bottom of the book symbol issue on the HEVAC, diagnose the heated seats and work out everything I should know about security and EKA. (just in case I ever need to know!) Where else in the world could I have got all that in one easy go?

I set my heart on a Range Rover a very long while ago and always imagined that I'd end up owning a nice two door Classic although this has never actually happened... somehow I fell in love with a very early Land Rover 110 V8 CSW instead and now that I have finally got round to things Range Rover a P38 seems the way to go. I found a very tidy example with reasonable mileage with a few minor glitches which I decided to take a chance on for a very reduced price. Worst fault turned out to be blocked cabin filters and burned out blower relays after which the book symbol vanished. I'd not realised what a great vehicle these are: this one will be staying with me for a long while I hope!
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