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Pleased to meet y'all, i am Pete and was born and raised in The Netherlands, hence the name dutchpete.....
I've been lurking in the background and have read and learned a ton from y'all! My sincere gratitude for that and i appreciate everyone's time and effort in posting for evryones entertainment and education.

Let's see where to start....ah, a year ago i became the "owner" of my first rrs hse.... Great posh ride! For the first month that was....boom went the engine! Shucks....now what? Via via we found a donor engine and the swap with 5 year warranty plus all included set me back 5 G, nice save from another shop who quoted me 10-12 G with surprises!? So that was a quick choice.....
Next improvement were the tires, stock size was 255-50/r19....
Pain in the neck size for any rubber but had to get it to pass inspection...
Options? Plenty out there on the after market i tell you but what is wisdom? Intuition and research i guess, after getting dizzy from browsing i decided to go for Toyo AT2 Open Country because of the great warranty and reviews from various sources and the Australian guy's YouTube review convinced me . so i fitted 265-60/r18 on Raceline rims which filled up the wheelwell nicely and now i can deflate them as needed for offroading.
Won't rub panels even in low access mode so that was a plus as well!
Other than that she has all new B&G lubes and liquids, sits around the 120K on the odometer and from the sounds of it i might be due for some wheel bearings :eek:)
But other than that it's a labor of love and me and my sixteen year old daughter justlove to drive it on road and offroad at the ranch in south Texas!

Thanks again and greetings from Texas!
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