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2002-2005 Range Rover MkIII / L322
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My name is Michael and my wife and I recently purchased an 04 RR HSE with 58K. It was a 1-family car in a wealthy suburb of Chicago and had all the routine basic maintenance done. Just needs a bit of a polish/clean up and I am well aware of the high level of maintenance. I am very comfortable with my tools and around the garage and plan on buying first the service manual and taking care of the truck. I will be inspecting/greasing the drive-shafts the next coming week and going from there.

The only current issue, when going 40mph and slower, when decelerating or lifting your foot off the pedal you can hear a buzz/hum noise off an on. From what I've read/seen it can commonly be the front drive shaft, so I'll see if it is the original, has it been greased and if its from 04 I will replace it.

We got a great deal, plan on using this truck for the wife/daughter to use estimated 5-7k per year so nothing too intense.

Just wanted to say hello and I have already enjoyed the forum and getting helpful information!
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