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Greetings from Canada. 2003 Range Rover.

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Hey guys, greetings from BC Canada. :mrgreen:

Picked up a 2003 Range Rover about a month ago. Traded a Subaru Impreza straight across that I purchased for $1500. Needless to say I think I got a smoking deal. The previous owner drove it for 4 months, and then ended up in jail so it sat in his driveway for almost a year. Once he was out, he wanted a solid running 5 speed, and I was the one that lucked out.

The Range has 200xxx KM, is sitting on 22'' 2013 autobiography rims ($1000 CAD a rim for OEM ), and is plasti-dipped white.

I had the Range Rover into a mechanic for an inspection and some work, and everything looked solid. I had the mechanic take a good look to see if he noticed anything detrimental, and he said it was solid. I had an oil change done, the brake fluid topped up, brakes bled, a battery kill switch, 4 new tires installed, and new brake pads. With the Range Rover sitting for almost a year, there is a small amount of rust underneath, and a fair bit of mold inside the cab in hidden places.

There definitely is some work to do , with small things that need immediate attention , and some polishing to make it look brand new, but I must say these vehicles are amazing. I feel like the kind of the road, and with the v8 it definitely has some punch to it, and well as to the wallet for gas:roll:

My apologies if I posted twice, me and the internet don't get along sometimes.
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