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And even greater news - the dealership sent me the pdf showing the higher base price of $170,000, which I forwarded to the CEO and he confirmed that my order will be at the original price signed with a base of $161,500.

It has the 23" wheels, the brown wood with the SV metal lines in it, the caraway leather, and the British Racing Green. All of which were apparently no longer available. How? I have no idea - but I am happy.

Now I am trying to decypher from this document whether I have the signature sound or the 3D sound. (the CEO confirmed I would not be getting the signature sound, but this invoice doesn't show any credit for it off the price which is apparently supposed to be there if it ships with anything less than the signature sound.

Estimate delivery is between March 10 and March 31.

Very excited to show you all!

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Congrats ole' mate...any photos' yet? Is that Jaguar F1 Racing Green or a Range Rover color just gotta love the BRGreen.
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