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grease sert busted off inside or missing

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I was greasing the drive train when I noticed a missing sert by a knuckle. Flashing a light on it only showed that there may be something in there still, like the brass of a busted bulb still in the socket. I have no idea how long that area has gone without grease as I've only owned it 9 months. What's a guy to do in this situation?
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Extract the remainder of the old zirk fitting and replace. Depending on how far down is has busted you may have to chase the threads.
Is there a special tool to extract? I'm not sure what I can get down there to get it.
Try a left handed drill bit, alex. If you're lucky, it might spin out while you're drilling it. You need a screw extractor. :(
Cool Knudsen, I'll give it a shot. Oh, and I meant grease ZERK. Who knew.
Pardon for a moron here, but just which part are you working on? If it is easily removed you can use an "extractor" (from Sears etc) or even a rough phillips driver.
I got one out by tapping in the pointy end of a file and turning the remaining bits out.
strange that it just broke off... would serious articulation cause the yoke to hit the zerk? i wonder...
Thanks for all the info guys. Turns out I bought a simple easy out and it truly was an easy out. A lot of sweat for nothing, as I had the old one out and new one in, in under a minute. My advice is to get an easy out, I bought a kit of 4 sizes from tiny to huge for $10. Zert screwed on, greased it up. All good.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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