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Gouged mating surface help.

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The hack that last removed the front cover completely savaged the mating face with some sort of sanding wheel to remove the gasket. Hopefully the pictures paint an accurate picture - my question is: Does it need to be resurfaced or can I use some Permatex The Right Stuff gasket maker (or the gasket with sealer) and have everything seal up nice?

**Side note, I used a machinists 123 block with some 400 grit paper to clean up what I could but that approach will not work for the rest of the scratches.

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Was it leaking before you removed it? Since it is not really holding in any pressure I think you can just use some compound and a new gasket. Excessive warping is normally the biggest problem especially when parts are too strong to be pulled together. Alternatively you would have to do the whole glass plate sandpaper thing.
The worst ones look like they just have to be oil tight, not coolant tight. are picture 2 and 3 for water pump? Not knowing what year you are working on I am not remembering the front cover lay out.
That shouldn't need refacing from the look of the pictures.
A smear of gasket sealer on it should be OK.
do not use gasket make material such as silicone, right stuff or hylomar on the cover. it never seals, I had an employee whom had vast experience working on gm engines, normally he ditched the cork gaskets for the gm engines in favor of sealers.
he attempted to do this on a rover engine with catastrophic results.

to seal front cover use the provided gasket, hold it in place by spraying it with high tack gasket sealer, let it cure for some 15 minutes and assemble.

as for the damage you have done well in the resurface, I would not worry about future leaks.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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