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Good Reliability Stories - High mileage owners chime in

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Like many 1st time LR owners, I had the apprehension about jumping into an RRS, not only for LR's reputation about reliability and repairs, but also getting into the 1st year RRS model. I've said on this forum a few times that I think (or maybe I should say thought given the gremlins 2010 owners are seeing), LR was on the right track with the LR3 and RRS in terms of reliability. We read a lot about the problems, but I argue that, in general, the RRS is no less problematic than any other vehicle.

To prove my point, I'm starting this thread asking higher mileage owners to chime in with their own experience. I only have this information out because I'm at 82.5k and a month away from my LR Assured warranty expiring. Here's my detailed service history, omitting brakes and non-eventful oil changes.

Purchased: March 2006
Build: February 2006
Current Miles: 82,800

June 2006: 7500 service
B036 - Vehicle Enhancement Program
B037 - Transfer Case Module Software Update
B039 - Inspection and Repair of Brake Hose and Sensor Leads

August 2006: 10.5k miles
I complained about squeaking brakes and they replaced rear pads under warranty.

February 2007: 22.5k service
"During inspection tech found front differential is leaking. Tech replaced leaking differential. During the installation tech found that the drive shaft had fallen apart. Tech removed drive shaft. Adjusted it. Lubed it and reassembled drive shaft. Tech also found the lower support that is welded to the body is out of place. Tech adjusted lower support bracket and reinstalled nut back in place. Tech completed installation of differential and road tested OK"

Note: I was told by others (not the dealer) the "drive shaft had fallen apart" issue was likely a technician error/fault.

Performed Tech Bulletin LS308-001 to address transmission fault I experienced offroading.
Replaced leaking windshield washer reservoir

June 2007: 30k service
Replaced PDC control module per Tech Bulletin LS413-002.
Seat memory module replaced. It wasn't remembering memory positions.

July 2007: Boob Job
Upgraded from stock 19s to 18" Nitto Terra Grapplers

February 2008: 45k service
Removed and replaced driver's side door seal. Adhesive had come off.
Performed Tech Bulletins LTB00072 and LTB00021 to address squeaking steering wheel noise. They ended up replacing the steering rack.

June 2008: More Plastic Surgery
Installed Rover Specialties Rock Sliders and LR Underbody Skit Plate

July 2008: 52.5k service
Bluetooth module & software upgrade

September 2009: 75k service
Indy shop noticed very slight signs of front diff pinion seal seeping, right rear axel seal seeping.

February 2010: 82.5k Service
I asked my fave indy shop to look at the following
1. Two seeping seals noted during 75k
2. Driver's side rear passenger stereo controls no longer working
3. Steering wheel airbag cover peeling (I know some of you had these replaced under warranty)
4. Squeal/groan when enabling recirculation - Technical Bulletin No. LTB00103
5. Sirius shows "No Service" after turning on, requiring tuning into another station and back to original one.
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I am interested in seeing what eveyone has to say. I just picked an 07 Sport S/C with 33K miles on it and I would like to get 100k out of it. I am curious as to what I might run into...or not hopefully.

phil. said:
July 2007: Boob Job
Upgraded from stock 19s to 18" Nitto Terra Grapplers
One of the best mods ever. You got saline and I got silicone (Coopers)? :lol:

phil. said:
June 2008: More Plastic Surgery
Installed Rover Specialties Rock Sliders and LR Underbody Skit Plate
Plastic surgery whore. I'm jealous.
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