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Good paint/body shop in Dallas (Frisco/Plano) area?

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I need a rec for a good body shop in the Dallas (preferably north Dallas) area to do a repaint of my front and rear bumpers...In the battle of fence vs. bumper, fence won and did some nice paint scraping.....Anyone know of anything? Any idea on what kind of cost I may be looking at? Thanks...
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Stewarts is the best. But expensive and slow.

Try these guys. My shop recommends them and I have referred a few friends with good success.

New Concepts Autoworks
Avenue K and Legacy in Plano

I have never used either, but both of the above shops have the best reputation with the Porsche/RUF/ Ferrari / high end crowd.
Thanks for the info...Had heard of New Concepts before, but don't know anyone personally who has actually used them...
I have seen one car that they fixed. Looked fantistic.

And I know many shops (including my shop, RUF) uses them frequently.

Good luck.
A vote for Stuart's here. http://www.stuartspnb.com/

They have done extensive repair work for me on my 996 Turbo and fitted a TechArt body kit to my 997 Turbo. They do quality work. Probably going to have them repaint my rear bumper on my RRSC, too.

As another Ruf customer, I've also heard good things about New Concepts. So I don't think you can go wrong with either shop.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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