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I have a 1988 Classic 3.5L. For a bit about me, I know my way around 'Murican V8's (have built plenty of NA mid-HP (250-400HP) Ford, Chev and Dodge). I know how engines work.
So my question for all the Rover lovers out there is this: I am past the point of having to worry about emissions. Can I (is it worth the time/ trouble/ $$) cut out the cat, get rid of the O2 sensors, chuck the ECM and cam up a bit, get a Edelbrock, a tame 4bbl and some headers to get some more HP/ low end torque? Or would it be easier to get out the cutting torch/ welder, swap out motors all together for a <300 cubic in. aluminum block Chev?
Inquiring minds are hoping for some insight.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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