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I've noticed that my glove box does not have soft open like my L405, so I decided to do some disassembly and see how the system works.

there is a small wheel "damper" on the right side of the box in my 405, in my 494 the cog was in fact broken off on the damper, allowing the glove box to slam open.

The Fix?

Step 1. Buy FFZ500090

Step 2. Open the glove box, remove anything from inside of it, and use the two tabs on each outer side of the glove box to lower it completely, the tabs are felt lined, not the plastic rail.

Step 3. Remove the old damper, it simply pops off with a bit of outward force, and install the new one.

Step 4. Close the glove box, and reopen to test. It should slowly open now.

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