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Getting P0174 and P0299 Codes 06 Rnage Rover SC

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Hey Guys,

I need some help please, I'm getting fault codes: P0174(System too lean Bank 2), P0299(post catalyst fuel trim system too rich bank 2), I'm wondering if anyone can tell me what side is bank2? and if in fact both codes are related to faulty o2 sensors?

Please Help


2006 Range Rover Sport supercharged 50k miles
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I found P017400 (the last two digits are not usually read by generic scanners, only by LR diagnostics equipment, and could make a difference.) Can't find DTC # P029900 in the shop manual sections I checked, I looked under fuel system, evaporative emissions, engine control module... Nothing with that code pops up. Will keep looking.

Anyway, P017400 is an ECM fault described as (Code Description, Possible Causes, Action):

System Too Lean (Bank 2 - Left hand)

* Air intake leak between MAF sensor and cylinder head
* MAF sensor fault (low intake air flow)
* Fuel filter/system restriction
* Low fuel pressure
* Fuel injector restriction
* Exhaust leak (before catalyst)
* Evaporative emission system fault

Check the intake air system for leaks, etc. Check the fuel system for restrictions, DTCs, etc. Check the exhaust system for leaks, etc. Check for evaporative emission DTCS.
Hope this helps, at least should give you an idea of where to start looking for trouble. If I find more I will post later.
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