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I finally have a little time to document some of what I found during my research and tribulations!

My MY96 had a 150 amp alternator (supposedly from a classic) fitted and it seemed good though I got an alternator fault message on the dash.

It started to get very noisy so I got a new 120 amp one and fitted it.

I eventually got around to replacing the bearings in the 150 version and refitted it to the car. It definitely held the voltage a little higher. However one of the new bearings decided to fail after a couple of weeks

So it was back on with the 120 amp version! But about 2 weeks later my voltage started to flick very high, up 1to 16v
So a dead regulator in that one. I then took the regulator our of the 150 amp one and put it in the 120 amp one and it worked fine! Whew.. now all I have to do is replace those bearings again

Details follow, note the regulator is physically the same so I was able to fit the Transpo IX123 regulator to the Marelli but that does not make it a 150 amp alternator

The 150 amp alternator uses Transpo rectifier and regulator and different stator windings as well I imagine.
Transpo IX123 regulator
Transpo IXR642 rectifier 6 x 50a; 300A
The casings are marked 4135 and 4136 but I can't see any other markings on them

The Marelli 120 amp (Denso DAN 016) uses
Marelli RM2000.05 regulator
Marelli 63624201 rectifier

There are transpo versions of these as well
Transpo IX124 regulator for Marelli
Transpo IX638 rectifier for Marelli 6 x 40A; 240A

A little about transpo here

These guys are listing a 200 amp alternator !!

Land Rover Range Rover High Output Alternators

Might check those out in the future!

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