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Geez, had to order more 194 bulbs...

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My Lexus had all blue coloring inside and out and I wanted to do the same with the RRS.

I already used up 8 bulbs. Need another 8 to finish out. Used the PIAA Super Ultra Bright thingies from Amazon. Makes a heck of a difference though.
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gooseyloosey said:
Two "blue light specials" in Houston now?
who's the other?
HAHA That's right! Will try to make the Jax meeting tomorrow!
PJPR01 said:
Drevs said:
I'm not into colored bulbs... but at least you guys aren't offering the "red light special". :D
Only in the backseat!!!
Brown chicken, brown cow..
1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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