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2013-2015 Range Rover MkIV / L405
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Hello All,

I have an 2014 L405 Auto-B 4.4 ltr. A while back the gearbox started to not want to change up until the revs where higher than normal (mainly in the lower gears 1-2 or 2-3). This would usually happen twice a week and some weeks not at all. It would less frequently gear down to lower gears automatically without the need. My local garage traced this down to the EGR sensor which was changed. The problem persisted so I went to a Land Rover garage who found the same fault (although it had been fixed before) and replaced the sensor again. This didn't work either so they flushed the gear box and replaced the oil. Again the problem was still there but slightly less, however it's gotten worse over the last month or so and happens more or less every time I drive. I've noticed that it especially happens (but also other times) when I take a road back to my house which is in a zig-zag making me go left-right-left-right.
One garage has told me I might need to change the computer the other the whole gear-box ??

Possibly unrelated but today I drove down to the local shop and the car died on me twice when i was at a snail pace in traffic and the battery light came on and I had problems starting it again- although it did after a few tries.

Help! Please if anyone has any guidance.
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