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Gearbox problem 03 TD6

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Not mine! I'm not fortunate enough to own one.

A friend of mine has a TD6. He paid to have the gearbox replaced by landrover 13 months ago at the cost of nearly £5000.

He now has a problem with his current gearbox and the landrover dealer is dismissing his claim as the box is over 12 months old (Car is serviced by them too!).

His problem is the following.

Goes up and down through the gears and reverse

However between 3rd and 4th it revs to about 4000 rpm before it changes gear which is accompanied by a juddering in the gearbox.

I said to him it may be the oil in the gearbox so he had it changed by Landrover and it made no difference. (Are these sealed gearboxes?)

They have told him the gearbox is shot and he needs a new one at the cost of £4900 fitted (again). He is very unhappy (Understandably) and thinks it should be covered by warranty.
I told him to speak to Landrover customer services as I'm sure they wouldn't be happy that their dealers are treating customers in this way.

Can anyone advise if this is, in fact, a known / common issue with a cure or is he just unlucky?


(Ps I'll slink back to the P38 forum now where I belong! :wink: :D )
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Unfortunately LR UK will just laugh, I've never actually spoken to such a rude ignorant bunch as LR Customer Services!

I know on the V8, it is "Sealed for Life" which actually means "Sealed for Warranty" and 80k is the oil change interval, but I don't have the TD info to hand.

I would say your friend has a VERY good case to take up with Trading Standards, even though the warranty is only for 12 months, the goods must be Fit For Purpose and of suitable "Durability" and one of the purposes of a gearbox in a car is to last more than a year.

See Here "If you buy something which should last 7 years but breaks down after a year and a day, you can still claim it was of poor quality in reference to the durability aspect."

Did he definitely get a new gearbox last time or did they just bodge it and tell him they gave him a new one? I once (at 18yo) paid for a new gearbox (£3500) in my classic to later discover that they had just changed the g/ox oil pump!
rayc said:
He says he has an invoice for a replacement gearbox.
So did I!
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