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2002-2005 Range Rover MkIII / L322
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Hi all

My gearbox is acting funny and I could use your input.

A few month back It started ‘slipping’ at different speeds, but primarily when I accelerated down the ramp to the highway. The rpm’s goes up to 4000rpm, but the car doesn’t accelerate.

I switched filter and oil on the gearbox and it was flushed. The mechanic found no debris on the magnets and said that the old oil looked ok. The new oil is the specified Texamatic 7045E.

It’s still slipping though and now another symptom has occurred: When I stop for red light and push the brake when in ‘D’ the car starts vibrating heavily and black smoke starts coming from the exhaust. If I put it in neutral (’N’), the vibrations stops and no black smoke from the exhaust.

I suspect the torque converter but haven’t been able to find previous posts that describes the vibrations and black smoke.

Do any of you have a take on this? Could really use some input…

Best regards

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