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Hi everyone

I’ve just joined and I wondered if could seek some advice from those in the know better than me please ?

I have a 2007 3.6 TDV8 92k which I’ve recently bought ( briefly owned a l322 4.4 petrol previously). I purchased it as a calculated risk but the risk doesn’t appear to be paying off.
After a variety of faults (unrelated) the biggest one now has to be the gearbox.
The car is clunky when changing gear when cold- typically 1st to 2nd and sometimes 3rd to 4th. It also failed to hill hold or engage drive on 1 occasion ( both separate but only once).
We’ve tried oil and filter replacement to no avail, and it became clear that the box filter was last changed in 2018 so evidently the previous owner knew what was coming. I believe it’s the ZF6HP26 box.

We took it to a gearbox specialist for diagnosis, and the summary was a clutch plate is wearing (don’t know which as I believe our box has 5) and therefore the box would need refurb, a new TC and potentially a new Mecatronic unit.
Unfortunately I do not have the funds to pay for all the work to be done by a professional ( circa 4K worst case) so I’m looking at a cheaper option, such as buying a second hand or refurbished box and fitting it ourselves ( not a mechanic by trade but not a novice either).

I thought I would ask here to see if anyone has any thoughts /hints /tips on what should be replaced or what the best options are ?

Thanks in advance

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very simple... diesels take a GM tranny not the ZF.
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