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Hi all.
I've have 4 Rangerovers, love em. 86 Highline with off road trimmings, a P38, then a 95 soft dash classic, and now a 2005 HSE with the BMW 4.4 4 cam. Always enjoyed (well mostly) working on them and have considered them to be the best 4wd's money can buy.
When buying my first 4by in around 2003 I was tossing up between a NM Pajero, a hilux surf or 4runner or this little known, everyone warning me against, Rangerover classic. Well, test drove all of them and the Rangie stood out as my favourite. Had the best visibility, comfort, drivability, and price. Havent really looked back, just forward mainly, to a newer better one.
Thanx Matt.
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