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Hi all,
I don't endorse companies willly nilly but I must give a big thumbs up to Tom at GB4x4Radios.
As regular readers of this forum might know, I purchased a somewhat run down 4.6 RR very inexpensively, a couple of months ago. I have busied myself repairing and replacing quite a few unserviceable items. The car is really coming together now with a blend motor yet to replace and a cruise control to breath life in to.
I was greatly impressed by the service I received by the British company GB4x4Radios in repairing the Range Rover's radio. I found Tom very knowledgeable. He promptly repaired the radio including the LCD display and added an auxiliary input bringing it up to modern expectations.
Obviously postage to and from UK from Oz was not cheap but I believe Tom's price was fair. He did exactly what he said he would do for the price quoted.
The Rangey is a much more complete vehicle now the original radio is back in perfect working order.
Regards All
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