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Gasoline overflowing

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Ooops! I mean petrol `) .

My classic almost ran out of fuel the other day, it started sputtering. Fortunately I was only about half a mile from a gas station. It took about 19.8 gallons. Told you it almost ran out. So since then we have driven enough to use almost 2 gallons of fuel. Today I smelled an unusually high gas odor, you can pretty much always smell some anyway. There was constant drip coming from the filler area, hard to tell exactly where. When I removed the filler cap it was as if the tank had just been filled to over-capacity and fuel spilled out onto the ground. Something to do with the vapor system maybe? It was parked on a slight incline, but but as I said we had used a couple gallons already so it shouldn't have been so full. Possibly related is that I only get maybe 10 MPG. Any suggestions from all you smart guys?

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Have you checked condition of the rubber hose & clamps that go between the Filler and gas tank?

Is your gas cap venting? or does it mak a pshh sound when you open it.
Had a similar issue. Mine turned out to be a rubber fuel vent hose that was cracked and split in two. If you crawl under the back of the RRC, and look towards the fuel filler area....you should easily locate the rubber vent hose that I am referring to. See if yours is broken or cracked. The smell of fuel has drastically decreased since I replaced it.
Thanks for the reply. I did verify that my cap was venting. At least I don't get any "pshh" when I open it after driving. I will check all my hoses back there.

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