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Gas Guage

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I looked for this issue in the threads but no luck, I came home the other day from work and I know my gas was low the light was on, needle showed low as well,
I got in the car the next morning and had half a tank! Well knowing it was my birthday I thought someone went and put gas in the car but only untill I started it.
As the car began to warm up the needle dropped back to low.
Anyone seen this before? Is it a sign for worse things to come????? :cry:

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sounds like crap on the sender causing resistance changes.... there's a TSB on this somewhere warning against using ethanol blended petrol.. the ethanol apparently reacts with the metal on the sender in earlier models (i.e. before 2001) :naughty:

A couple of treatments with fuel injection cleaner has solved my problem.... irrespective of how full the tank was, the gauge showed only half full .. then would drop to zero in a couple of hundred km.. steer clear of ethanol...!
Unfortunatley, ethanol is unavoidable, as it is a government mandate (jacka$$es). We burn 10% in all our vehicles now, except for a rare few stations. I use an injector cleaner every oil change to prevent this.
Thanks u guys
this ethanol "thing" is good to know just in case it happends to me. thanks guys.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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