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G’Day from Perth

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Hi - jJst bought a 1995 4.6 HSE Gems as a project family pool car. Pretty good nick to be honest, even comes with the factory fitted oil leak as standard. I’ve been a v8 Porsche 4x4 owner for a few years but this is my first Brit v8 4x4.

Project list: Done tyres, exhaust cracked manifold, leaking radiator, paint cut and polish, interior clean, oil & filter.
To do: steering bars/ends, front shocks, steering damper, antiroll stabiliser links, eas inhibit switch, key fobs, dodgy height sensor, airbag fault, tint, missing parcel shelf, rear pads/discs.
Thinking of making my own shelf using some form of solar panel. If anyone knows if this has been done and if it’s effective please let me know.
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