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Full size Rear Tailgate back rest options

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Hey Everyone,

I'm looking for an option for a back rest for my 2010 RR S/C Full size.

Found what I think looks like a great option from the fellah's that designed the Ultimate edition. Anyone have any luck finding something similar? What are you guys currently using for those of you who watch games off the end of a tailgate?

Scroll down middway on the link below for the image Im referring to,

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Wow, great link! I'd never seen that before. The rear backrest appears to have been a prototype. In the handful of Ultimate editions I've seen, none have had the 4 anchoring points on the sides. It is a clever design though, may not be too hard to replicate and custom fab.

The reason why I think this was only a prototype is that, in that same picture, the tailgate has a pop-out mini table in the teak wood, which definitely was not in the production "ultimate" editions. A shame, really. Both of those things are GREAT ideas.
Thanks CaifanSC, what I was thinking though hoping otherwise...

I'll have a shop overhere in Dubai and keep the thread updated for those interested.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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