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Fuel tank upgrade

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Anybody have experience upgrading their fuel tank to one of larger capacity? I'd like to have a better range, and I need to replace my tank anyway. I found this one:


...but not sure if it would be legal in the US or if it would cause clearance issues. Any other options?
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I don't know where you would mount that, it wouldn't fit underneath. You could go with a fuel cell in the load space but if you need more range I would just mount some NATO style gas cans on the rear bumper. The stock tanks are pretty tough to improve on, they even keep working even when the get crushed.
they universal long range fuel tank was mounted in the o/s wheel arch inbetween the original tank and the filler pipe that would give around another 10-20 litres but i would always feel very unsafe with that hangin in the rear arch!
the tank you have linked to replaces the original item the the only concern is the clearance of the rear anti roll bar but i will be waiting to see how much and can see the benefit for me that would equate close to another 100 miles range
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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