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My 'Fuel System' Readiness monitor is showing incomplete. Can anyone tell me what the criteria is for setting it to complete. I am assuming it is a 'continuous' monitor so I would expect that it should show complete unless a code is present for the fuel system.
I do have the 'Evaporative Sys' as incomplete, however it is incomplete and has not thrown any codes yet or a CEL Light. All other monitors are set to Complete
I have done the drive cycle in the service manual... but again I would think the drive cycle would not pertain to the continuous monitors (Misfire, Fuel System, & Components)
So what I need to know....
Can the fuel system monitor show complete if the EVAP Sys is incomplete. Are they interdependent.
If the fuel system monitor is not dependent on the Evap Sys monitor, then what could be preventing it from being complete.
Searched the web for hours... a lot of discussion about the EVAP test but not much about the Fuel System monitor.... Would be great to get some more detailed information out there.
I appreciate any help.....
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