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I recently purchased a government auctioned Range rover (2004 HSE). It was without keys and I had no idea the initial investment to address that. Nearly $3k later the Rover dealership replaced the ECU, ignition and all locks and added a new battery. The vehicle powers up and I see no faults. The starter tries to turn over the vehicle but fails to get any fuel. I have invested a great deal of time in trouble shooting and below details my actions to date:

1) Replaced Fuel Relay
2) Replaced fuel pump (painful!!!!)
3) Verified all fuses pertaining to fuel were functioning and validated all fuses were using proper fuse
4) Used voltmeter to Ohm power line to fuel pump (White and blue) tested good
5) Tested voltage on key turn to observe 12volts to pump (Fails to receive power).
6) Examined fuse panel for corrosion or damage (none found).
7) Verified battery is good.

I am running out of ideas, any experienced insight is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!!!
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