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fuel problem

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i am sorry i am new on range rovers.

this is the problem . on my 89 range rover it wont let me fill up the gas tank.

a little over half tank nozzle stops . i tried many gas stations and every one does that

is it a gas tank problem?
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Could it be that it IS full and your fuel level sensor is going out?
dont stick the nozzle all the way in, try a different position. i had a car many years ago it only took fuel with the nozzle upside down
I agree with flagrover !!!!
flagrover said:
Could it be that it IS full and your fuel level sensor is going out?
how many gallons is the gas tank on 89 rover?

the light is on, tomorrow i am gonna fill up and see. if its the gage or somthing else

thank you all.
14 gals, I think....thats all about mine will take.
i think its closer to 20 gallons. My gas light does the same thing. It only will read 3/4 a tank when completely full and the light comes on with about 7 gallons left. I use the trip odometer for a gas gauge. Just go 200-250 miles and fill it up again. Usually takes about 13-15 gallons to fill it back up. Best thing to do is get a small gas can, fill it and the truck up and drive til you run it out of gas. Compare that to where the guage sits thru the drive. That'll tell you how many gallons it is and if the guage is off.
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