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Ok here we go... need a little help here...

Ok so I was swapping out my FUEL filter couple of days ago and there are 4 lines your disconnect from the old filter, 3 of these 4 are "quick disconnect" (there is nothing quick about them) they are black lines with a blue end with a red bezzle or end cap. This red end cap is the part that locks the fuel line to the fuel filter.

so here is the problem, all three of them were cracked and basically disintegrated in my hand as i removed them from my old filter no matter how gentle i was with them. The super economically priced LR dealership is telling me that I can only get the entire lines, not just the red end pieces (which conflicts with what i was told by the local Mech here in town) These lines are $276 from LR.

PN's WJP000480 and MAP(5 or S)00170

Is anyone familiar with what im talking about? Maybe someone can tell me which BMW model has this same filter/lines, so i can try the local BMW dealership? maybe someone even knows where or how i can get these little red satan caps from??

...thanks in advance.
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