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Fuel door truck side latch question

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I have Rave but it only shows an exploded diagram. There is a small part number 9 in Rave which is a black plastic piece shaped like a top hat. It fits into the hole in the sheet metal of the body on the fuel filler door latch assembly. The silver push rod that is activated via solinoid or manual pull rope goes through it from the rear cargo area into the fuel void. I took it apart and now can’t figure out how it goes back in so the fuel filler door stays closed flush with the body of the truck. Does it go on from the inside of the rear body panel? The fuel door void? Which way? Anybody have a picture of it from the outside?
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Is this what you need? Red Vehicle Automotive lighting Car Auto part
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Yes. It’s bit blurry. Mine looks kinda like that but the door seems to flop around a bit. Maybe the
catch on the fuel door itself is worn out. How do I tell?
Can't help you with that but I'm sure someone Morre knowledgeable than me will chime in.
Actually I have the same problem so a couple of years ago I put little kitchen door stoppers on the rubbers and it's been good ever since.....I didn't have much time then to investigate and completely forgot about it.....never had a problem since.
I have a floppy one also, I just move it up and close it. I held when new but like the OP said I think a little dab of epoxy would help.
Ok. Many thanks to RRTH and you guys.
I took it apart again and this time put the black top hat piece from the outside of the fuel door area in towards the rear of the truck. I used contact cement to hold it in place. We shall see how it goes. I’ll update if it all worked out.
So far so good. I can’t attach any photos but my glue is holding and it seems to be all good now.
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