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Hi guys, thanks for visiting my ad. I bought these locally from 2019/2020 RRS owner who upgraded to custom wheels. I have 2013 RRS SC and while these are great looking wheels, fit without any issues, they look too big for my own liking.
These are Genuine LR Wheels (P/N EPLA-107-BA) and Good Year Eagle F1 275x45x21 tires, dated 49th week of 2020, threads are great.
Rims are 9.5" wide, 21" in diameter, offset is 49
There are 2 left wheels and 2 right wheels so they'd look the same from both sides of the vehicle.
while TPMS sensors are included they will not communicate with L320 RRS due to different frequency, so ultimately you'd need to carry over your own TPMSs and Ebay thos
e that are removed, I guess.
I would love this to be a local sale but can secure them to the pallet and ship freight. I am not sure that regular UPS/FedEx can be used for such a large/heavy items. In any case, if you're interested, contact me, lets figure shipping situation out.
Price: $1950.00 OBO.


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