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I have a 2018 ATB LWB with the fancy rear reclining seats and power arm rest.

About 2 months ago I noticed my rear arm rest was making a clicking noise when opening and closing it. I took it into Newport Beach to have it looked at. When I picked the car up, the armrest was hanging on by the leather off to the side in the back seat. They told me they couldn't fix it, and completely snapped it off at the hinges. "rest assured" I was told. "It's going to take us 2 months to get a new arm rest for you because you have red leather and ash wood which isn't a combo sitting on a shelf somewhere". Also was told the top panel couldn't be replaced with a new hinge, the entire arm rest must be replaced, a $6,000 part.

I wasn't happy that it would take 2 months, and was told opening a case with LRNA would help get a new part faster. Case opened, told I'll get an update within 72 hours. 5 WEEKS later, I get my first phone call from my rep. She had called the dealer, found no part on order and was told the dealer said I declined to fix. I am livid. Not only have we wasted 6 weeks when this part should have been ordered, but they wanted to stick me with the bill AND only now begin the special part ordering process.

LRNA finally came around and offered to pay for the broken part, but I have to agree that they won't pay for it if it happens again. I tried explaining the dealer did the bulk of the damage, to no avail.

TO make matters worse, this week while riding in the back right I pushed the front seat all the way forward, and it stopped and started making a clicking sound. Now anytime I adjust the front seat, it flips out and stops working. Also the foot rest that folds down from the front seat, appears to be broken and just hanging. I wonder if that being broken, causes the computer to wig out. The dash goes crazy as well making the left side of the dash unusable

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