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Front Windscreen Upper Finisher

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My front windscreen upper finisher got wacked (don't ask) and is now dented and loose.
I have got the new part along with the 8 clips to secure it in place.
Rave only gives a brief explaination about sliding a credit card along the gap with the roof panel to get the clips out.
Any tips from anyone who has actually replaced this part before I dive in?


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Also just ordered the parts and I also want to know some more details please.
You have to remove the piece of trim that runs down both "A" post first. If you open the Door and lift the Flap of rubber on the door seal you will find four self tapping screws securing it in place. Remove the screws and lift the trim out of the way, be careful as there is a seal which is Stuck to the Door Frame and the Trim but it is quite easy just to place the trim out of the way.From there it's quite straight forward.

Hope that makes sense.

Thanks Col.
I did not consider taking the side trims off.
Also should I use a Mastercard or Visa card ?
Discover, no body takes it anymore any way. :mrgreen:
Ha Ha.

I was going to make a cheap joke about using an American Express Gold card but I thought I'd better not.
From memory the clips slide from left to right looking at the front of the car, do release all of them and dont be tempted to release 2 or 3 and then slide the trim off the rest as this will leave a lovely scratch in the paint the other end from the curved end of the trim which you dont notice until its too late! Clean the glass thoroughly as you really want the adhesive strip to stick, if it doesn't there will be a buzzing noise at speed as the wind gets under it. Some people only remove 1 side trim but that is more a time saving issue than anything else.
I get a buzzing noise now already.

Lee: What adhesive strip?

What adhesive strip?
Most new ones I fit have a double sided strip along the lower inside edge with a red peel off tape? If there isn't any then a thin line of silicon sealer or similar will do the same job, mine buzzed when I first bought the car so I removed the trim, cleaned it up and stuck it down again that way, with the clips also of course.
I have just taken the new part out of the packaging and yes it does have a red peel off tape.
Thanks for the practical advice. Just what I wanted.

Guys, just received mine today in a tube box.
Do you advise to replace clips too.

If one installs it, please give your advice to the newbies


I had to replace all the clips on mine last summer. A little helpful advice, open the sunroof, take your shoes off and stand on the front seats. It makes them really easy to work on.
Great tip for those who do have a sunroof like me. Shame for the others 8~
Does anyone have the pn for the clips on hand? 8)
DCE10038L x 8

Col said:
DCE10038L x 8

That gave me the idea to open a thread : the clips topic :lol: , since many of us works DIY on this vehicle i'm sure many like me will have to replace some clips :think:
I have just today finished doing the job - thanks for everyones advice.
Let me write down a few observations while it is still fresh in my mind:-

Firstly I removed the 2 side trims either side of the windscreen - the screws are hidden under the front edge of the door seal. The trims are then left hanging down from the top of the door seal rubber. Care is needed.
On mine the trims were full of mud and leaves and I had to replace the foam strips which seal the side trims to the windscreen. Also the door seal had partly unglued from the body so I had to re glue it back in place.

Each of the clips holding the top trim in place can be slid to one side with a credit card as Rave says. They must be slid from the RHS to LHS using the credit card between the body and the top trim. Each one only needs to move an inch or so to disengage from the body. It is necessary to remove all of them. It is far easier if you have a sun roof. Mine didn't. Once it is off you can see clearly how it is attached. The body shell recess where the windcreen fits has what can be described as "nail heads" which the plastic clips lock onto. There are 10 clips in total not 8 as Microcat says.

The way I fitted the new top trim was to fit the new clips to the body first. Then press the new top trim into the clips from the middle out. It makes a nice click as you press the trim down into each clip. My new trim was also convieniently marked with two pencil marks which lined up with the outer edges of the roof channels. I removed the adhesive strip last after it was clipped in.

One thing that did go wrong whch you should be aware of is that I broke one of the "nail heads" off at the extreme edge on the drivers side. The clip wasn't lined up properly and I used too much down force trying to press the trim into the clip.
The side trim covers it up but I will need to go back and use some black windscreen adhesive (recommendations?).

The job should have taken 1 hour but ended up taking 3 hours.

Finishing strip is LDCB101380 (£36.75 +VAT). Clips are LDCE10038L - 10 required.


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