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Front suspension is on the bumpstops

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I've searched and I just wanted to see if there were anything I could checkout before bringing it to the shop. The Rover's front is essentially sitting on the bumpstops. The rear is fine. I recently had the BCU replaced due to other electrical issues. My reading up of the EAS is that it possibly could be related. Anything I can look for on my own and to check? The knob to adjust the suspension inside the truck is not responding. Thanks.
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leak in the lines or leak at a bag! Check the condition of your battery, sometimes it will spew some acid and foul a air suspension hose below.
u may have to just reprogram ur computer i had the same problem bought the programer off of the forum and gave it to my mecanic to hold the dealer wanted to replace the ecu computer at like $1500 the black box programmer was 199 great investment
Hopefully it is just reprogramming the BCU (Body Control Unit). That is the new part that's been introduced. It was fine for a month or so.

I will check the battery to see if acid mucked up an air suspension hose.
BTW, what does the black box programmer do? I've not read up on it. Does it read/reset faults or do you actually configure settings for the vehicle with it?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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