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front spoiler solution if you take it off/put it on alot

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hi all,
i devised a handy little method of clipping down my front spoiler for when i remove it and put it back on. eventually you lose a couple of the clips that attach it or it warps a little and doesn't want to fit flush with the bumper or you break one of the studs that fasten it. well everyday life to the rescue! i have an abundance these little office clips around, you guessed it, the office, and the small ones are great for adding as additional or replacement clips when you reattach the ol' spoiler. the smaller ones are the perfect size and they're practically free. actually in my case they are free. they're rather sturdy too and you don't care if you break or lose them. :D


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Brillant. I'll remove it ASAP with your solution
dutchfrompredator said:
you know i don't know how much it helps or hurts when you have it on. i always it assumed it improved the aerodynamics a tad. i still have mine and just leave it on when i'm in commuting mode b/c it can't hurt.
i like the look of leaving it off and may give that a try too. it's easy to take off and get on so i do that. i can tell you i forget all the time and as soon as you start screwing around in ruts and bumps it's only a matter of time before you bash the poor thing into something. it's been surprisingly sturdy though. all that ever breaks is the little studs. that and i'll lose a clip. does anyone know if it actually does anything for the highway or stability? :think:
It may do something for areodynamic drag :mrgreen: but with a truck like ours, you'll better survey your foot to reduce fuel consumption
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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