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Front Seat Question

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When exiting, is the front seat supposed to move back to allow easier egress? I checked everywhere I could to find a clue with no luck. Did I accidently lock out this feature?

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I've been wondering the same thing but I haven't looked into it until now. According to the online manual for the 2018 RRS, there is an auto entry / exit mode which references the steering column control needing to be in the AUTO position. Another page in the manual for adjusting the steering column shows that the electronic adjustment knob can be rotated to AUTO. I've pasted the description below but have yet to try it myself:

"With the steering column control in the AUTO position, the steering column and driver’s seat moves to provide easier entry and exit from the vehicle."

"On opening the driver’s door, the system raises the steering column to the highest position and lower the driver’s seat to a lower position. This operation assists exiting from the vehicle. When the driver’s door is closed and the ignition is switched on, the system returns the driver’s seat and steering column to the previous position."
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And I missed that language! Darn. Thanks big time for that! I'll give it a shot tonight.

Now I found it. Never thought to look in the "Steering Wheel" section.

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