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Front Screen Video Mod? anyone find a solution?

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Anyone find an affordable solution to get video to play on the front screen on an 06 RR Sport with installed Entertainment package?

There's a few out there for 1500.00 or so. Seems a bit expensive.

There's gotta be a 500.00 box out there somewhere that will make this work. I dont even care if its in motion, i just want it to atleast work when im in park.

any ideas?

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Get a hold of the video cable installed on every 2007+ RRS, and hook it up between RSE module and touchscreen. Voila', instant DVD playback while parked. In their infinite wisdom, the good folks at LRNA :evil: decided to remove that video cable on MY06s to disable DVD viewing even when parked. They reversed their idiotic decision starting with the 2007 model year. But the hardware and software to watch DVDs on the front touchscreen are already built into the car, all you need to source is the cable (which is somewhat proprietary, quasi-SVideo on one end and Fakra SMB on the other, and not easy to find.)

If you want DVD playback in motion, you will definitely need to spend more money.
Any ideas where i could find this cable? A Dealer?

What about the cheapest option for in motion video? Thoughts?

thanks for the reply.

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