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Front Propshaft mod

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Hi all members ! I got the famous front shaft spline wear for the second time. The first time it fails I changed it with the same system not the upgraded one. As I'm in Algeria it's difficult for me to find replacement part and I have to quit the country those days. I'm asking if there is an horizontal slide between the propshaft and the front diff input tube. If no, is it safe to ask a lathe milling (sorry if the term is not exact, I'm french) to consolidate those parts and put a U joint ? I don't know if the upgraded part is made with this design or it adds to the U joint another coupling at the front diff input. Thanks you so much
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The ‘new’ (Service Action Q041 was in 2010) design introduced a CV joint at the final drive end to eliminate the spline misalignment that caused the earlier failures.

Because the engine, transmission, transfer box & front final drive are all one rigid bolted assembly there is no change in length of the propshaft (e.g. due to suspension movement) so there is no requirement for a sliding joint. The issue was caused by fretting corrosion wearing away the spline due to angular misalignment. Land Rover’s initial attempts to solve the issue were based on getting the alignment correct

In the end, though, they gave up and went with a CV joint.

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