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Front Prop-shaft end flanges

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Hi ,

Does anyone know the part of the end flanges of front propeller shaft of a diesel car?
Lrcat is not showing it separately but as a complete unit - propeller shaft.

(marked in green in picture)

The reason being that I found a crack on one of these things while changing UJs. Thought of replacing for safety reasons.

thanks in advance.


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use those of any rover in the US 87 to 2004 range, disco and defender all the same, normally in the US those are sold as part of the complete shaft. you can use the rear shaft of a short wheel base classic or the rear out of 94 to 98 discovery 1 4 door.
Just do a search on eBay , Range Rover p38 prop UJ, don’t go for the cheapest, but you don’t need the dearest either, a good quality one will out last most.
look at the prop, as the flanges don’t sit level with each other, if you put on level you will get vibrations.
Thanks guys.
Can find a used prop from a Defender/ Disco 1.
Got a used Defender propshaft & my problem solved.
The OP need the FLANGE from a driveshaft, not the whole thing.
Thus there is no reason for all the drivel about driveshafts from different rigs being phased differently than a P38.

I take it you deleted those posts then?
Yes I did, as well as read your deleted reply.
Seems folks cant get the fact the OP wanted JUST the flange. So splitting a driveshaft is a non issue isn't it. In years of building rigs, I have yet to split a driveshaft to put a new flange on one.....SMH.
This one's done. Glad the OP got it figured out.

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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