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front passenger door window problems

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when I raise the front passenger's side window, the window motor doesnt stop when the window reaches the top. this causes a loud banging sound continuously as if the window wants to keep raising. this is preventing me from resetting the window as well. thoughts?
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loose regulator due to popped rivet. pull the door apart and replace the factory rivet with a crew/but set. 1 hour tops with lubing the runners, latch and throwing the ball for the dog.
rrtoadhall said:
... crew/but set. .....
umm, what? is that on the main site? I couldn't find it, and mine's doing the same thing.
well dah! :roll: good grief do I really have to explain this? :? A crew set is where a crew comes in and fixes it for you while you set on your... never mind... :evil:

screw it. prefer screwing involves a splined lock washer and a nut or two. Much easier to install and cheaper than buying a rivet gun and a box of rivets.

disclaimer: spelling and grammer errors are frequent thanks to lack of sleep and FFS on a SK.



Just pull the dang door apart, you'll see what I am talking about. :thumb:
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Or I could just sell you a new door.. :lol:

P.S. the window regulator would be an extra charge..
that door is slightly dinged from hitting a deer 3 years ago, it would be easier :)
Could also be stripped teeth on the regulator.only one fix and that's to replace the unit.
Could also be stripped teeth on the regulator.only one fix and that's to replace the unit.
Agreed, I had exactly the same symptoms.Stripped regulator teeth.Replaced regulator and used bolts instead of reriveting.Been fine ever since. :thumb:
I have it used..just sayin
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